Ux designer





Through visual mediums and data informed decisions I communicate stories and craft experiences.

I started drawing almost 20 years ago. Inspired by the emergence of Japanese animation and sustained by my curiosity it is an integral part of who I am. This gift has taken me on quite the journey. It spurned my interest in interior design which I earned a BFA in the spring of 2011. Drawn by the fascination of influencing how people move, interact and feel in spaces I yearned to expand my creativity into something physical and interactive. As a result I started working in construction management where I am able to use my instinctive attention for detail and design background to problem solve a variety of situation and provide input on process improvements. 

 As time passed my interest in improving processes became more fervent which brought me to user experience design. A path that allows me to use my creativity to directly influence positive results with end users drawing on my professional experience of problem solving and process improvement strategies. I have learned many things through this journey, the most significant of which is this - I am a storyteller. 

So, how can I help you today?